Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Our theme this week was laughter.  My favorite thing in the WHOLE world :)  I've always been the type of person who takes things lightly and tries to find the humor in every day stresses.  The following are images (with a short caption) of shoots I've had over the past year that make me giggle :)  All moments that were candid and showing true expressions of my clients.  I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I do!

Photo 1:  Brandy and Dan on their wedding day... Brandy and Dan opted to do a "First look" before the ceremony, which turned out to produce one of my all time favorite photos.  This was not posed... this was really Dan's reaction to seeing his bride-to-be for the first time... Still makes me smile every time I look at it!

Photo 2:  This little guy came in to get his 1st haircut photographed.  It was my first time doing a haircut session, but turned out to be VERY enjoyable!  He giggled and laughed throughout the whole thing, but his favorite part was when Justin (His hair Stylist) broke out the hair dryer.  He couldn't take his eyes off it and LOVED it! It was SO adorable to watch!

Photo 3: Poor Emma.. She just wanted to give her new little brother a kiss and to tell him she loved him.  Chase was not very happy about his big sister's affection :) 

Alright, so there isn't anything too funny about this shot, but when I remember what happened right after I took it, I laugh!  Dad was standing right in the "line of fire" (If you know what I mean) as we were about to do a shot of him holding his naked sleeping son... well, that's about the time this little guy decided to unleash the fury (#1 AND #2) all over his pops... His mom and I couldn't help but laugh as we rushed around to get dad cleaned up :)

Oh Lucy Jane... I have NO idea where she learned to pick off other's dinner plates...! ;) My husband may have an idea, though! haha.

Ahhh the twins... this one speaks for itself.  These cuties were the first newborns I ever photographed when I was just starting out my business.  They would be so good, and then one would get set off and they'd both scream together.  Too funny! 

My sister's horse, Fritz.  He's a pretty stubborn guy!  My sister wanted me to take some photos of her riding him, so I tagged along at the barn.  While she was prepping him for his ride, I managed to get this glorious shot of his choppers.  I think he needs to see a dentist...
And last but not least... my biggest "Smash the Cake" mistake that will always make me smile.  When my daughter lucy turned one, I couldn't WAIT to do a smash the cake session with her.  We had my family and my in-laws outside while we gave her the awesomely decorated ice cream cake.  I thought that red and yellow frosting would be fun... Well, as you can see, red frosting wasn't the best color choice.  She ended up looking like a vampire baby!  I figured... if Twilight ever needs a vampire baby, this would make one heck of a headshot!

Next, hop on down to Louisville, KY (Where the Morels seems to be popping! JEALOUS!) and check out Rachael Ice - Louisville, KY Photographer - http://imagesbyrachael.com/blog/?p=430


  1. These are great, Patricia! Love the first, second and the horse picture the best! Great job!

  2. these are really fantastic and actually FUNNY! i enjoyed the back story for each shot, and got a big smile from all of them. awesome, tricia...thank you for the smiles <3

  3. Yay! I was hoping someone would do a collection like this! I love outtakes and shots like these! Great fun - thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!! That first shot with the expression on the grooms face is HILARIOUS! ...and then each photo after that, I just love the stories behind them all. I think this was my favorite entry this week. Thanks for making me smile!

  5. I love candids and these are so funny!

  6. Loved the little stories that came with each of your images this week. They were all wonderful!

  7. Such funny stories with those photos. Definitely made me smile and giggle looking through them.