Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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When this weeks "theme" was announced, I was a litte (Ok, A LOT) skeptical.  I have been the queen of telling people "Don't buy frilly, ruffley things for Lucy."  I'm not a girly girl, and I didn't plan on dressing up my mini-me as one, either... However, no matter what you do or say to friends and family, as soon as people find out you're having a girl, you get flooded with girly clothes, tutus, headbands, etc.  All those things have been wonderful, and worked out great as photography props, and I'm sure once she get's old enough to understand dress up, I'll be able to put all her fun "princess" clothes to good use :)  

Today I got to bust out the goods, as I tried to show off my "Ruffle" theme!

A special thanks to my little girl for modeling all her clothes.  I'm pretty lucky to have such a cutie as a model :)

So, here she is! My 1 year old (Going on 16!) daughter, Lucy :)

And moving on to our next Ruffle exhibit, head on over to Michaelle Janet - Houston/Cypress Portrait Photography -


  1. Ruffles are not our thing either, but when Aubrey was this age she loved them! Now that she's almost 8, she's so over them. So snap away while you can!

  2. what a little darling. the girl is written all over her precious face, even without the fancy decorations. lovely portraits, tricia.

  3. Love these black and white photos! Cute as always.

  4. What a precious little girl. I love her ruffles!

  5. She is darling! I love the pearls with her ruffles! ...and those! :) such a cutie!

  6. She is a DOLL. And her ruffles look so sweet on her. :)