Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beachfront Couple Shoot at Montrose Beach

Today I spent the better part of my morning wandering around Montrose Beach.

While doing some exploring before my adorable and delightful couple showed up, I met a friend.  I think she was a girl... either way, she was so skinny and hungry.  I ran to the Bail Shop, only to find that the only edible things they had for sale were doughnuts.  SO... this little gal had a doughnut for breakfast :)  I wish I could have taken her home. She was so friendly and sweet!

The morning started off with sprinkles, but on our drive to the harbor, the sun was shining and I figured we were clear from the rain... wellllll.... no so much!

Here are a few pictures we captured before the heavy clouds came in.  Delia and Nick were married back in February, and wanted to grab some fun couples photos for their new casa near the beach!  Thanks so much for spending your morning with me, guys! I had a great time meeting you and being able to catch a few good laughs with you, as well!!

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