Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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It's been a few weeks since I've been able to work on our 52 week project, and I apologize!

My family and I just moved to Grand Rapids, MI last month and needless to say, I've been overwhelmed with exploring a new city!  The art and culture here in Grand Rapids is just breathtaking. The economy here is thriving; there are new shops, pubs, and boutiques going up on every corner and it seems like I've stepped back into a simpler time.  Coming from Chicago, the pace of life has decreased tremendously and small town businesses have a strong hold on the economy here.

One of the houses we were thinking about buying is located just 4 houses down from a Frank Lloyd Wright home, which I was thrilled to go check out.  My daughter Lucy and I stopped over on our way to an appointment this afternoon.  We weren't able to go in since they were closing down for the day, which was a total bummer since my entry today was going to be shots of the inside of the home.  I snapped a few quick shots as we were walking around the home, and headed on our way, disappointed about the lack of exciting photos I'd have to contribute this week. Here are a couple shots of the Meyer May House here in historical neighborhood of Heritage Hill, Grand Rapids, MI :

I thought long and hard about what I could throw in last minute... what bit of art could I find before the sun went down today...hmmm....

And then I looked into my bedroom, and saw Lucy, giggling on my bed and trying to get my attention. The way the light in our bedroom lit up the room, and her blinding smile made it all too clear...

She is my greatest work of Art.

From her uneven dimples to her blond, out-of-control hair... no matter how many pictures I take in my lifetime, she is my gift of art to this world.  Every part of her body is unique and she is the most beautiful piece of artwork that my body can create.  My love for her grows with every moment I spend with her, in a way that pictures cannot capture.  A mother's love encompasses an intensity that not even the greatest artist can concoct...

I love you, Nunu...


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  1. oh how i can hear that little voice and the giggle that came with it; you captured all that and more and i'm sure when you look at these you can 'hear' them on every level.

  2. Love these images of the house, I have always been transfixed by architecture.
    Your greatest work of art is simply amazing! I can feel your love for her. Wonderful images.

  3. whenever I think of classic midwest residential architecture, I think of that style. You captured it perfectly. I hope the move is awesome for you, I saw your fb post about the new studio location which is amazing! Super envious. And this last picture of your daughter is divine. I imagine that laugh is completely infectious! =)

  4. patricia, congratulations on your move. it sounds like things are headed in the right direction on so many levels. i adore both parts of this post. frank lloyd wright homes in your neighborhood...amazing! so incredible and timeless. as is that gorgeous child of yours. her happiness alone is art!

  5. Love the architecture on the home and your neighborhood sounds amazing! That last photo is incredible. Love!!

  6. Oh my goodness that giggle! I can hear it through the computer. She is a work of art and I'm so glad you included these photographs of her for this week's theme.

  7. Love the pictures of the home, very cool composition. And the ones of your sweet daughter are just so incredibly adorable! She has such a big/contagious smile and I love those baby teeth showing...so precious!

  8. Love the images of that dreamy house!! or also that little doll's smile... nice capturing.

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